English Grammar And Translation

Learn English as your Mother Tongue.




Generally teaching and learning of English language is widely thought to be a difficult job in Hindi belt of our country. It’s not so if proper and systematic method is adapted. English language is necessary in day-today world of fast-changing scientific scene the world over About 20 years back I started my translation- career all of a sudden. When I was standing with my Guru Dr. C. Rai in the university library (R.D.V.V. Jabalpur), she suddenly asked me to translate a book of hers into Hindi. I accepted the offer and thus started my career in translation. I worked as her assistant for about 5 years helping her in translating many articles and came one day to translate myself two research reference works. I developed my own method of translation the basic of which I had learnt from my English tutor Shri Biharilalji Gupta at Prabhat Vidhyalaya, Khandwa, (M.P). Later on when I came to be the father of my second son, I named my son Prabhat in the memory of my guru. Prabhat was the name of the son of my guru, so I thought to name my son after him. In the memory of my loving guru I am writing this work of English Grammar and Translation. May God bestow me with power and faith to finish this work for the benefit of students? I don’t say the book will prove best, but if it is any help to anybody it will make me rest satisfied in my efforts.